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BinSpringTM is an ingenious solution to a significant community problem.  A rear-affixed, gravity fed clip that attaches quickly and easily to your wheelie bin lid solves the problem of spilled rubbish, unpleasant odour escape and damage to the bin.

BinSpringTM sprang into life on a rain windswept day when Phil Sherrard was in a rush to leave for work. When driving out of the driveway he noticed a lot of loose rubbish blowing down the street. Phil’s quick fix was to grab a brick and place on the bin. Then it happened. Phil had a light bulb moment. What if there was a way to hold the bin lids closed but easily open and close for rubbish collection? Phil being a serial problem solver, the trait of an inventor, created the ultimate solution to keeping wheelie bin lids closed.

The first iteration of the concept was produced as an injection-mould plastic design. While the plastic version performed well, the product could only be guaranteed for 12 months. A more robust, long-wearing product stainless steel version was developed and BinSpingTM Premium is warranted for 10 years, the same as the life of a wheelie bin. View additional information regarding the development of the BinSpingTM Premium product.