BinSpring Field Evaluation


BinSpring™ was designed to prevent rubbish escaping the bin to help keep the environment clean.

Our aim is for BinSpring™ to be fitted on mobile garbage bins throughout Australia in the next decade. To achieve this long-term nationalisation goal, we applied for the Innovation Vouchers Program to assist us in further developing our new product through research and specialist commercialisation support.

In 2017, BinSpring™ was successful in its application for the Innovation Vouchers Program. This grant of $20,000 was used to develop the BinSpring™ Commercialisation Strategy.

As part of this research and development strategy, BinSpring™ engaged MVP Capital to conduct a Field Evaluation of its product in South Australia. The results of which are contained within this document.

The Western Australian Government grant has allowed BinSpring™ to conduct this field evaluation and produce this report, which clearly demonstrates that no other product on the market is as effective as BinSpring™ in preventing waste escaping from a mobile garbage bin.

We are delighted to share this report with the complete findings with you. Get your copy here.

BinSpring Premium Red Wheelie Bin
For many years prior to the installation of BinSpring™, Middleton was our hotspot of complaints about waste escaping from bins, bin damage and bins falling. Since installing BinSpring™ the level of complaints dropped to nearly zero.

Jane Brook,
Fleurieu Regional Waste Authority (BinSpring™ Field Evaluation participating Council)