The Product


About BinSpringTM

BinSpringTM is an ingenious solution to a significant community problem.  A rear-affixed, gravity fed clip that attaches quickly and easily to your wheelie bin lid solves the problem of spilled rubbish, unpleasant odour escape and damage to the bin.

BinSpringTM sprang into life on a rain windswept day when Phil Sherrard was in a rush to leave for work. When driving out of the driveway he noticed a lot of loose rubbish blowing down the street. Phil’s quick fix was to grab a brick and place on the bin. Then it happened. Phil had a light bulb moment. What if there was a way to hold the bin lids closed but easily open and close for rubbish collection? Phil being a serial problem solver, the trait of an inventor created the ultimate solution to keeping wheelie bin lids closed.

We’ve tested many different materials and manufacturing processes to balance the BinSpringTM flexy strong snap factor with extreme durability. BinSpringTM has a unique shape and design that is engineered with a specifically formulated high strength reinforced steel.

BinSpringTM Premium – The Product

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and are very proud to be able to offer BinSpringTM Premium in stainless steel that offers 100% recyclability. Stainless steel is actively recycled around the world and put back in to the production process, making it a high valuable material. Products made from stainless rarely end up as waste at the end of their product life cycle. Despite the high recycling of stainless, some will end up in landfill. In this circumstance, no harm will result to soil and ground water.

BinSpringTM Premium is made for 304 stainless steel, the most common grade of stainless, widely used for most exterior applications.

Stainless steel 304 has excellent corrosion properties and can resist rusting in most acids, alkaline solutions and chloride environments, even in high temperatures and pressures. 304 has excellent toughness in high and low temperature properties.

In certain areas and applications, including marine conditions, environments with temperatures above 50-60 degrees Celsius, 304 may ‘tea stain’ in appearance over time, making 316* stainless steel a better option. However, it is worth noting that while 304 may appear visibly affected, it is unlikely that salt and/or chloride will impact on the mechanical properties of the product.

During production, BinSpringTM Premium is stress relieved, making it very strong and durable therefore ensuring a long service life. BinSpringTM Premium comes with a 10 year warranty, the same guarantee as a standard Australian wheelie bin.

A cable tie is supplied with every BinSpringTM Premium so that the product can be secured to the wheelie bin to prevent theft. The cable tie should be fitted with enough slack to allow the BinSpring to be detached in the event the bin lid needs to be left open.

* A price difference applies to a change in grade from 304.