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BinSpringTM is a rear-affixed, gravity fed, torsion spring design manufactured from quality stainless steel. The first iteration of the concept was produced as an injection-mould plastic design. A more robust, long-wearing product was developed and Premium BinSpringTM (made from stainless steel) is warranted for 10 years, the same as the life of a wheelie bin.

BinSpringTM  has no impact on waste collection activities, that is, there is no manual intervention required when emptying bins. Unlike front-affixed bin clips or locks, BinSpringTM  does not impede normal bin-emptying actions from either a rear or side emptying waste truck. By simply tipping the bin in the usual manner, the lid will open, but then flip closed when returned to the kerbside. Tests have proven that even with lighter loads, or bins only a quarter full, BinSpringTM  does not interfere with the emptying process.

BinSpringTM is 100% Australian owned and operated, based out of Perth, Western Australia. Our commitment to communities and environmental responsibility drives our passion for our product. You can learn more about our values and culture here.

Premium BinSpringTM
*  Tough and durable, No tools required, Empties during collection
*  Reduces the time taken on waste collection routes
*  Ensures that bin lids are closed after collection
*  Provide cost savings to councils by mitigating damaged incurred to lids when bins fall over
*  Reduces (or eliminates) the need for residents to clean up spilled rubbish as a result of wheelie bin lids being open
*  Reduces (or eliminates) rubbish in neighborhoods as a results of native or domestic wildlife being able to get into rubbish bins
*  Comes with a 10 year warranty
*  Is 100% recyclable. Made from 304 Spring Stainless

We want to hear from you – and work with you – to use BinSpringTM as a catalyst for creating positive and lasting community impact. For special bulk order rates please contact us for details .

Let’s work together to keep our communities clean