Why People Love BinSpring

“Just wanted to say how much I love bin springs! Since putting one on our bin the cockatoo’s have been unsuccessful at getting any rubbish out of the bin. This means that I haven’t had to pick up our rubbish off the street (so happy ). I look at my neighbors picking up rubbish and wish that more people would put your products on their bins”.

Marie from Stanwell Tops, NSW Australia

Vince Fuda, Maintenance Supervisor
St Patrick’s College Campbelltown

We purchased BinSpring approximately a year ago. At first we were apprehensive in regards to the quality, let alone if they would actually work in keeping the cockies out of the bins and the wind, often in an open school yard causing them to blow over on numerous occasions. BinSpring has been useful in so many ways. They have proved their durability, they stop cockies lifting the lids and making a mess everywhere and even when the bins blow over the lids remain relatively closed. Hence,all these factors have reduced the volume of rubbish in our school immensely! The school looks cleaner, we are spending less time employing staff to literally pick up papers & rubbish and in turn the students see the yard a lot cleaner so without realising it, are more careful in throwing their rubbish into the bins, keeping the place looking much cleaner! I would highly recommend this item in any business where there is a need for numerous bins required as it seriously works miracles so to speak!